A downloadable Music for Windows

This is the version 1.0 of the fully functioning LaunchPad. You can control this LaunchPad with your keyboard. There are songs and different sound effects you can mess around with. This is the first ever version so we need feedback. All sugguestions are taken into careful thought. Enjoy!

Install instructions

Easy to install - just like any other installer. First, read or skim through the license agreement (for the game engine I used to develop the game) and press I agree. Check or uncheck if you want desktop and start menu shortcuts to be installed and push next. Select a destination for the file to be download (I use the default one) and hit install. Wait for it to install - which shouldn't take to long - and click next. Check or uncheck if you want to immedietly start LaunchPad and push finish.


Launchpad.exe 4 MB